2022 Writing Contest

Essays To My Patients Rob Sanchez To my patients In the emergency department you never know what kind of patients you will see, but you do know if your paying attention you will learn something. Unfortunately you don't often realize the lesson or get to thank your patients for it till it's passed. This is my attempt at a few thank you notes. To my patient that punched through another cars window during a fit of road rage, sliced his radial artery and left a trail of blood from the lobby door. Thank you for reminding me how important anger control is. To the patient who cussed at me and walked out because no one came in your room. You didn't know that myself, the doctor, and the only other nurse on that night spent the last hour and forty five minutes doing everything we could to get the heart of an eleven year old boy to start beating again. You caught me as outside of the empty room that I had just spent a few seconds of solitude in trying compose myself. Thank you for reminding me how important it was to be able to hold the tears and emotions in till my drive home.