2022 Writing Contest

Life of Firsts New life. First breath. First sights. First sounds. First hug. First laugh. First smile. First new foods. First sweet fruit. First rolling over. First sitting up. First walking here. First falling down. First animal zoo day. First time at pool. First long car ride. First slide down slide. First carnival corn dog. First sunset at beach. First day of school today. First best friend forever made. First ever pepperoni pizza party. First slumber party with friends. First 100 percent on homework. First tardy for being late. First after school ball game practice. First after school dance with friends. First crush to like you back. First last day of all you’ve known. First new beginning after walking the stage. First cap, gown, and tassle; Diploma too. First summer without going back in the fall. First part-time job at the corner store. First little apartment away from family and friends. First love that fells different than all the rest. First last kiss, promised with a diamond gold ring. First feeling of forever, fearful of its distant end. First little home filled with a little family growing fast. First time watching all these firsts from a different view. First signs of aging that threatens to break it all. First baby leaves the nest, then two and three. First grandbaby to be born, starting it again. First final goodbye to dear aged parents. First last day of your career. First freedom but also pain. First saying it’s ok. First pure peace. First experience of something no one alive has ever done before. Death.