2022 Writing Contest

Quickly making it, I begin to eat at the table. Scarfing down the food I think to myself Should I go out? I'll have time before the sun rises, so I could be proactive. I finish my meal before cleaning up the dishes from lunch, and dinner. Then I make my way outside, grabbing my jacket and putting it on before walking outside. Locking the door behind me, I begin to walk. Its nice outside, I should go out for walks more. Almost instinctively, I look up and I'm at the Doc’s warehouse. Time passes by when my feet know the streets. I make my way inside and find Doc resting with his head on his desk. I walk up behind him, before lightly tapping him on the shoulder. Doc’s eyes open up a bit as he sits up he asks, "What is it?" I rub the back of my neck before asking, "Got any work for me?" Doc stands and begins to walk so I follow after him. We leave the building and keep going. Eventually we arrive at the alleyway where this all shit started, the fighting place. The one where I lost my hand. Doc walks past the bouncer, I still follow him. We move past the crowds and into the betting area. Doc states, "I need to sign up someone" A man waves him over to the far end while saying, "Over here is the signup" We walk over as I ask, "Who are we signing up?" Doc ignores me, instead beginning to write and say things to the worker. The worker asks, "Any enhancements?" Doc answers, "hand, nothing else" "Experience in fighting?" "Enough for a low end one" The worker waves us away saying, "You'll be up in a few" unfortunately I missed most of their conversation thanks to the screaming people placing bets. Doc takes me away, as we head towards one of the entrances to the ring. We stay beside it waiting as we watch others. I ask, "Wha, why are we here, and why did you sign me up for this?" Doc answers, "You need to make some money, and make a name for yourself. Draw out more of the JackleShakles, Lets see if there are anymore that want to grab you." "So, I'm bait?" "Yeah, your bait and a way for me to make more money" I look at my mechanical hand before asking, "Do I need to kill him?" Doc answers, "If the crowd want's it? Go out there and win the fight for me" "Yeah, I'll win it" The current fight within the ring ends. Both of them are still alive and able to walk out of the ring. One of them clearly more wounded than the other. That's when an announcer calls out, "Now we have the rookie coming in from the slums: Zeke the Freak" Doc wishes me good luck as I enter the ring, smiling up at the audience. Then I hear the announcer continue, "And his opponent, three-time winner Zoltan the Conqueror" Zoltan hops into the ring, a bounce in his step. He's wearing a tank top with jeans. I see both of his arms become mechanical at the shoulders. He's got more enhancements than I do. Clearly, he's going for more of a flashy intimidator than strong. I'll need to trick him into showing his cards. I smirk before saying, "hello Zoltan the CobConcoror"