2022 Writing Contest

I move out of the cube and grab ahold of the guy. He looks back, and that’s when I slam my metal hand into his face knocking him on his ass. I feel my blood falling onto the ground, as I lean against the outside of the cube. The guy stands up and the knife is ready in his hand. I toss myself onto him, and begin to slam my fist into him over and over. After some time I get pulled off him, and I’m being escorted to a medical station. Ollie and Josh follow after me, as the worker begins to patch me up. While their face may have a surgical mask on, I recognize them either way. I struggle to ask, "Am I going to make it Doc?" He shrugs before muttering, "You don’t get to die yet, you still have to pay me back" Luckily, the wound isn't too bad, so they just toss us out the back of the medical station. Before we walk away Doc says, "Rest up. our back to work soon and it's not going to be easy" I ignore Docs words instead beginning to walk with the help of Ollie and Josh back home. We travel in silence, until we reach the apartment. After I unlock it, I am helped to the couch. As I lay on the couch Ollie begins making some lunch for all of us. Ruined day, I should have made sure none of them were alive I take a sharp breath there could be more, and they could come after Ollie and Josh. I need to make sure that doesn't happen. I notice Josh staring at me, so I ask, "Did I look cool?" Josh says, "No, you looked dead, Stabbed, and bleeding" "Eh, I survived and took him down" "Sure, you handled it, but it's more worrying that you had to handle it. You could have killed him" "Josh, he was going to kill me" "But why was he going to kill you?" "Because he wanted to? I don't know why" It leaves a bad taste in my mouth lying to him but that's when Ollie asks, "did you know the medic?" Ollie brings over some lunch as I say, "yeah, I know him. I met him at work, and we hit it off" Josh asks, "You met him, as a janitor?” "Yeah, it's a small world. I didn't expect him to be there" They seem to except my answer, so we begin eating. Josh doesn’t seem satisfied with the answer I gave him. Thankfully he doesn't push it. As we eat, I ask, "did you enjoy the game you played?" Josh nods as Ollie says, "It was fun!" I smile, before taking out the tokens that were left in my pocket. I put them into Ollie's hands. He splits them with Josh while I say, "Next time, we already have tokens to use" Ollie looks happy, as does Josh at this statement. Once we finish eating, I leave the dishes alone and sit on the couch with Ollie and Josh playing on the floor. The holo television is turned on. It's blurry, black and white with a chance of failing but it’s better than nothing. For now, it's on the news. Same old. same old. It’s a report of more deaths, and the unemployed percentage rising. I ignore that and switch it to a more action-packed show. It's old and takes place in the desert but, it has likable characters with an interesting plot. Ollie and Josh are distracted enough, so I lay down on my back. My eyes feel drowsy, and I find myself taking a moment of sleep. Rubbing my eyes, I sit up. Wincing slightly, as I do so. I look around, without seeing Ollie or Josh. They must be asleep. I get off the couch and stand up. Heading over to the fridge, I notice it's dark outside. How long did I sleep for? A few hours? Why didn't they wake me up? I open the fridge and take out a meal packet.