2022 Writing Contest

Esther looked at Daniel, into his kind eyes, then looked back down at her hands, covered by one of Daniel’s hands. Very quietly she said, “I promise. I don’t know why I trust and believe you. I shouldn’t, but I do. I promise.” Daniel smiled at her. “Thank you, Esther. Now, if you are hungry, you should eat then get some sleep. Tonight will be peaceful and so will most of tomorrow.” The door opened and Michael stood in the doorway. “I’m going.” He said, then the door closed and he was gone. Daniel stood, gave Esther a parting smile, said, “Remember your promise.” Then he, too, walked out the door. Esther sat quietly at the table, deep in thought, for a very long time. These two men, whom she had, reluctantly, come to trust, had just warned her that the worst was yet to come. They had asked, almost demanded, her complete trust and she had agreed, almost without a second thought. She knew nothing about them, really. Could they be trusted or was this all a horrible charade to catch her off balance and steal everything she had left. They told her little about themselves and what they did tell was very vague. Esther got up from the table and started pacing back and forth across the room. As she paced, she saw something flicker out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw her Bible laying on the small table by the rocking chair. She looked at the book and wondered for a moment when it had been returned. Then she thought of something she used to do, before her husband had been killed. She used to set the Bible down on the table or her lap and after praying, she let if fall open where it would. The first verse she saw was usually the answer or pointed her toward the answer. She picked up the Bible and let it fall open on the table. It fell open at Hebrews, chapter 13. The first verse she looked at was verse 2, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Esther read through the rest of the chapter but kept returning to verse 2. Angels unaware. She smiled to herself a little. “Two angels? God fearing, kind, caring men, yes, but angels? What have I ever done to earn the right to two angels. I’m not even sure I’d qualify for one, much less two. But there are two men here and they seem to have answers before the questions were formed. Could they really be angels? Did God care for her enough to send her two angels?” She sat down and thought about what the verse meant. If God was telling her to trust and believe these men, then maybe she should. She trusted God. If these men were sent by God, then she should stop worrying and trust. God had never let her down. Not really. Standing up, Esther left the Bible open on the little table and went to bed.