2022 Writing Contest

From the look that passed between the two men, Esther thought it must be an argument of some sort that Michael had just put an end to. There was a touch of a command, a sound of steel, in his voice, but the smile never left his face. There was a brief moment of tension between the two men, then it was gone. “Yes,” said Daniel. I will be watching here tonight.” Esther felt she had to say something. “Please, I am not worth an argument between you two.” Michael looked at her and for a moment, Esther felt Michael’s deep searching gaze from dark, hooded eyes, then that, too was gone. “Worry not, dear lady, sometimes my little brother forgets who is the older and wiser one.” There was a snort from Daniel that seemed to clear the air. “Well, that’s settled then.” Esther said, not really sure what had been settled or what else to say. Esther asked Michael if he wanted to take something to eat and drink while he was out. Michael patted his back pack which sat at his feet. “I am well supplied.” Esther didn’t remember seeing the back pack before that moment. There were definitely odd things going on. “Well, if you’re both okay, I will say good night and go in for the night. Good night, Daniel, good night, Michael. God watch over you and bless you.” She turned to walked into the house and both men said, “God watch over you and bless and keep you.” Esther hesitated for just a moment then went into the house. 5 Once inside the house, Esther stood for a moment with her back against the door. So, they were brothers. She hated to see family fighting, if they were, indeed, family. She decided to go back out and try to help solve whatever problem there was between them. Just then, the door opened and Daniel walked in. He smiled at her then gestured for her to take a seat. Esther sat at the table, Daniel taking the seat opposite her. His expression was carefully neutral. “Esther, you are a kind hearted, caring woman with a strong faith. Things are becoming very dangerous. Far more so than you could imagine. Michael and I know who and where your ‘trouble’ is coming from and why. We had planned to come here and protect you and save your homestead and leave without any issues. That cannot happen now. There is a battle coming and when it does, you need to promise me one thing. No matter what we may tell you to do, you must do it. Your trust and faith must be strong and complete. If you can’t, we might not be able to save you or your homestead. Esther looked down at her clenched hands. Daniel reached across the table and laid one of his hands on hers. “You must promise. I know it’s a lot to ask, after such a short time, and it will be hard, but you must promise.”