2023 Writing Contest Flipbook

LAMAR PUBLIC LIBRARY This Just In... 2023 WRITING CONTEST The Lamar Public Library is pleased to announce the winners from the 2023 Writing Contest! Children’s Short Story Taylynn Godden, Become Friends Youth Short Story Serenity Dudley, The Library of Epics Adult Short Story Caro Hedge, Old Cat and the Kitten Poetry Samantha Carrillo, The Price of Love Essay Treston Medina, I Need to Start a Garden One Line Story Kinsley Mae Williams, The Rain And the Winners are... 2023 Writing Contest

Children’s Short Story Become Friends Taylynn Godden


Youth Short Story The Library of Epics Serenity Dudley

Adult Short Story Old Cat and the Kitten Caro Hedge

Poetry The Price of Love Samantha Carrillo

Essay I Need to Start a Garden Treston Medina

After seeing him smile in the rain, his hair wet and his face handsome as ever, I cried knowing he’ll never be mine. One Line Story The Rain Kinsley Mae Williams

Lamar Public Library would like to thank all the participants for their submissions to the 2023 Writing Contest!! Until Next Year….