2022 Writing Contest

Honorable Mention Short Story by a Child Category Izzy and Ellie in Space Izzy Robbins Izzy and Ellie in Space Once upon a time, there were two little girls named Izzy and Ellie. They were playing outside. The sun was just going down and the stars were just coming up. They looked at the stars for a moment. Ellie said, “Those stars are SHINEY!” Izzy said, “They sure are! I wonder what it would feel like to touch one.” They kept running and came to a rocket ship! “Wow!” said Ellie. They got in the rocket ship to go try to touch a star. “Do you think we can touch one?” asked Ellie. They blasted off to outer space. They got closer and closer to a star. They were very excited. “The stars look very big and shiny,” said Izzy. They got very close and almost touched it! “A little bit closer,'' said Ellie. “Yeah!” said Izzy. “I think touching a star will feel wet and glittery.” Ellie said, “I think it will feel soft and smooth.” The girls got a little closer. They reached out to touch the star and heard a sound. It sounded like the ocean. Suddenly, they fell into the star! “Whooaaaah!!” they yelled. “Wow! It’s so white in here.” It took a second to get there but the falling was fun! They were flipping and twisting in the air. They landed on their feet. It was a world of unicorns and rainbows! They saw kingdoms and fancy people. And one more thing, “Leprechauns and pots of gold!” said Izzy. The End