2022 Writing Contest

Ollie and Josh look relived. it’s not like mum can go with you guys, I'll go even if it costs me time and gets me in bad terms with Doc. As I cook dinner, Ollie and Josh go visit with mum. Once I finish up, I set the table and call the boys to eat. We all sit down together at the table, chowing down on some decent food for once. This is nice, quaint, and peaceful. A happy meal with my loving brothers but it won't stay like this forever. After more time we go to mum and wish her an easy rest before we all head to our own dreams. As I lay on the couch, I'm left to think should I tell them, about my hand? How would they react to it? Would they, hate me? Would they think it's cool, and not care about it? I won't know until I try. Then, tomorrow I'll show them it after the conference and before I head over to Docs. I close my eyes and try to sleep. My dreams are filled with the smell of blood, and the screeching of tires. I see Ollie and Josh; I can't let them go. I open my eyes to the morning sun. I begin to prepare myself for the day, going through the same motions until the end of work. Once I finish up work, I hurry back home to get into more presentable attire. Yeah, even my nicest shirt won't be the best but it’s better than nothing. I arrive at the school, waiting for Ollie and Josh to come out and grab me. It doesn't take too long before the school lets out, with Ollie and Josh coming out to get me and bring me within the school. Its halls are unfamiliar to me, but they lead me through easily enough. They are in the same class, so I don't have to worry about much. We arrive at the class with the waiting teacher. I take a seat as Ollie and Josh instead wait outside. The teacher pulls up documents on his holo projector, we begin to go over their grades. They aren't bad but could use a bit more work. I ask, "Have they been getting along in class?" Teacher replies, "Yes, they get along well enough. Although-" "Although what?" "They usually get angry easily, and that does cause some problems. Ollie in particular, has even threatened other students" "Well, do you know why?" "Ollie states they were bullied by another student, but there are no witnesses nor corroborates to said bullying" "I'll talk to them about it, anything else?" "Well, no. But they might need to take an anger management class if they don't get better" I ignore this and we continue on, until finishing the conference. Once I leave the room I spot Ollie and Josh waiting close by, so I go over to them. We begin heading out and as we leave the grounds, I hear a voice call out me, "Hey, Zeke!" I glance over to my right, as do my brothers. With Shawn is standing there, I move Ollie and Josh behind me as I ask, "what's up?" Shawn moves in closer standing before me as he states, "Just wanted to check up on you, it’s been a while" "Well, I'm lovely now. Please go. I need to get the boys home then go to my new job" "Another one? Did you lose the cleaning one?" "No, we just need more. So, I picked up a side job" "You know, if you need help, I'm here Zeke" "I don't need your help"