2022 Writing Contest

On my way out I run into Shawn. Guess he was serious about it. So I ask, "What’s the job?" Shawn places a hand on my shoulder and begins to lead me away instead of answering me. I wave away his hand so he takes the lead in front of me. Eventually we arrive at a club. I’ve seen it before but never gone inside. Shawn leads me inside, and we pass by several customers and folks. It’s already getting busy at this time, which isn’t strange. We go to the back of the club, with Shawn leading me inside a backroom. Within the backroom is a wide open area, with several interesting looking people. Most have enhancements and a hungry look in their eyes. But the one sitting on the pool table, his eyes are clear and calculating. Shawn introduces me to that man, "Austin, this is Zeke." Austin offers his hand which I don’t shake instead asking, "What has my friend, told you about me?" Austin takes a cigarette and offers me it, which I refuse. So he lights it and takes a puff himself. After enjoying the cigarette Austin tells me, "Nothing bad, of course" Shawn interrupts, "so, can we get to business?" Austin waves him away, so Shawn goes to grab a drink. While Austin gets off the pool table he asks, "How much has Shawn told you about my request?" I answer, "Not much at all, actually nothing. A bit worried I'd have my kidney taken" "Don't worry about that, I don't deal with harvesters" "Who do you deal with then?" "Just the average folks of course, nothing to worry over" "Soo, what do you need me for?" "Shawn told me you are in need of some cash, I'm in need of a chip less fellow. Someone who goes under the radar and won't stir up the pond" "What's the job?" "Just a delivery and a message" "I'll need a bit more information than just that" "You are gonna deliver a box to someone, along with a message" "Where, who and what's the message?" "The JackleShakle's place of business and the message is simple. An apology" A box is brought forward and given to me, it's not large but has some weight to it. I ask, "What’s in the box?" Austin says, "Nothing important, a thing to go with the message”. I should probably refuse. Before I can say so Shawn comes back with a drink for Austin. He takes the cigarette out from his lips and drinks it one shot. Once he finishes, he says, "Don't worry, it's perfectly fine. No drugs or weapons, just a present for the JackleShakle's" I ask, "What’s the present? Why not deliver it normally?" Austin answers, "Something important, because they don't like most of the other gangs. And it's to invite them to join our forces" "Why would you want that?" "Pardon?" "They're a bunch of loose cannons. They could screw up a lot of your stuff"