2022 Writing Contest

Doc glances my way, motioning me to a table where I am told to sit. The metal is cold and I raise up my stump. Doc comments, "clean and precise cut" I ask, "How much will this ‘new’ hand cost me?" Doc looks at me as Xander says, "Standard one Doc, nothing flashy. Bare minimum" Doc gives an acknowledging nod and says, "I'll handle it." I ask again, "How much will it cost?" No one answers me. Xander backs away while Doc begins to set up for the treatment. With me lying down, I am left looking up at the dim lights. Dam, I hope this does not take me long. I need to get home, I have to get home. I sigh a bit. Well, I guess I can spare a night. Things should be fine while I am gone Doc looks down at me and asks, "Are you ready?" I shake my head no, and he begins. I started to scream, and a piece of leather is put into my mouth to bite down on. I do, but not long after I black out. When my eyes open, I am greeted by Doc. Breathing heavily I ask, "how did it go?" Doc answers, "Nerves are connected and everything seems to be good, take it easy for a bit and come back in a week for a simple checkup" "And the bill?" "We can discuss it then" Looking around, Xander is nowhere to be seen. I get off the table with a struggle. Standing up beside the table I look at my right hand and flex it. It feels right and has a silvery shine to it. But I've lost a bit of myself to that fucking bastard. How much will this cost me? An arm and a leg? I got no money to spare. Doc waves me away, so I leave. I need a new look. I stuff my new hand into my pocket and begin to head towards the nearest store. Once inside, I look for hats and gloves. There is a heck of a lot of hats. I swipe a glove and continue moving through the store while stuffing it into my pocket. Walking around a bit more, I head to the exit. I get through without being noticed by the clerk and walk out onto the streets. Once I get a bit away, I take out the glove and slip it onto my new hand. Now it looks a bit more normal. I continue walking, glancing up at the sky. I run my gloved hand through my hair, taking a deep breath. Then I let out a sigh as I begin to make my way back home. Eventually I find my way to my shitty apartment complex, and make my way to the second floor. There it is my apartment, 204. I unlock the door, and step inside. At least they locked it. As I step inside I hear a voice call out, "brother's home!" I close the door behind me and lock it. Suddenly I find arms wrapping around me. I glance down at my younger brothers with their arms wrapped around me, and wrap my own arms around them. Their smiling faces, that's why I do this. Eventually we break the hug and I ask, "How's mum?" My youngest brother Josh states, "She's goanna be happy you are back!" Ollie asks, "What took you so long?" I answer, "Work, but I got some extra cash" I take out the wad of bills I’d kept hidden in my other pocket, and my brothers stare at it with wonder before I ask, "Did you have dinner?" They nod yes so I ask, "What about breakfast?" They shake their heads no, so I state, "Let's take care of Mum. Then we can get you boys some grub".