2022 Writing Contest

9 Esther woke up to a quiet house. She laid in bed watching the sun rise through her window. The smell of breakfast cooking was absent. Her two angels had gone. She was, once again, alone. There was difference this time. She wasn’t really alone anymore. She was still in shock from the events of the two days before. Her life had changed so much in 5 days, she still had a hard time understanding what had happened. To know that she didn’t have to worry about if her crops grew or not, whether she would have material for a new dress from time to time, or even if she had any money. Because of her husband, she was now a wealthy woman. Her angels, for that is what they were, had left the same way they came, here one minute and gone the next. They had left her with a crew of trustworthy men to help with her mine. That’s why he was killed. He filed a claim on the land for him and Esther. Someone, of the wrong sort heard about it and tried to steal the gold from him, resulting in the wagon crash that killed him. As she thought about the details that Michael and Daniel had told her, she fell to her knees, not for the first time, and said a prayer of thanksgiving. The End